PhD position to study cell metabolism redirected by electricity using systems biology tools


The Systems Biotechnology group in the department of solar material/UFZ - Leipzig, Germany is looking for a PhD candidate to work on a project studying the fundamental cell metabolism in BES. Omics tools, including proteomics, metabolics and fluxomics, and metabolic engineering strategy will be used to quantify the cell physiology and do strain development to improve the performance. The candidate will be supervised by a diverse team in UFZ and external collaborator at Novo Nordisk Fundation Center for Biosustainability. Deadline for application is Jan 31st, 2018. Selected candidates will be invited for an interview on March.

Contact details: 
Dr. Jens O. Krömer,; Prof. Dr. Lorenz Adrian,
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Expiration date: 
Wednesday, January 31, 2018