Postdoctoral position in electrochemically assisted syngas fermentations

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The overall aim of the project is to efficiently produce renewable alcohols of high importance to the Swedish energy sector. The specific aim is to improve the potential of merging thermal conversions of biomass streams with syngas fermentations, also by using novel concepts based on bioelectrochemical systems. The project is a collaboration between the Industrial Biotechnology and the Energy Technology Divisions, and will be financed by the Industrial Biotechnology Division where the Post-doc will be based. The research is interdisciplinary, merging concepts from fermentation technology, gasification technology, and bioelectrochemistry.

As a Post-doc you will mainly collaborate with Prof. Lisbeth Olsson and Dr. Nikolaos Xafenias from the Division of Industrial Biotechnology, and with Prof. Henrik Thunman from the Division of Energy Technology. Your major responsibility will be to perform your own research in collaboration with both Divisions. Your main activities will include:
1) Setup, operate and monitor bioelectrochemical and standard fermentation systems running with synthetic and real syngas from Chalmers' gasification plant
2) Handling of bacterial cultivations
3) Analysis of the fermentation performance with the use of analytical equipment, and interpretation of the results
4) Collaboration with researchers from various disciplines involved in the project
5) Study of the state of the art and generation of novel ideas
6) Publishing the research findings and writing research grant proposals

The position may also include supervision of MSc. and/or PhD students to a certain extent. You are also expected to actively participate in periodical project and Division meetings.

The position is a full-time temporary employment for one year, with a possibility for extension (1+1).

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Nikolaos Xafenias, Researcher, Biology and Biological engineering; Please apply by following the external link and selecting "Ansök" ("Apply").
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Monday, July 31, 2017