Tenure-track Assistant Professor in Microbial Ecophysiology and Bioinformatics


Center for Electromicrobiology at Aarhus University is looking for an early career researcher with a strong scientific track record in microbiology research preferentially covering microbial ecophysiology and bioinformatics of both uncultured and cultured prokaryotes. We expect experience with experimental microbial physiology and with microbial (meta)genomics and/or (meta)transcriptomics techniques to link omics data with cell metabolism, microbial interactions and processes in natural environments. We expect the candidate in the application to present a work plan and research strategy for high-impact research within the field of electromicrobiology.
The overarching research questions in Center for Electromicrobiology are how cable bacteria conduct electrons, how they handle metabolism based on widely separated oxidation and reduction processes and how they interact with other microorganisms and the environment.

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Lars Peter Nielsen (lpn@bios.au.dk Andreas Schramm: Andreas.Schramm@bios.au.dk
Expiration date: 
Friday, June 1, 2018