Public Engagement Day

Join the 1st International ISMET Public Engagement Day.

How? Submit your entry on the 20th June 2022 to participate to the contest! The top three entries will receive a prize that will be given during the global ISMET 8 conference held in 19-23rd September 2022 in Chania, Greece.

The aims of this initiative are: to raise the visibility of the ISMET community; to stimulate the development of out-of-the box ideas for research dissemination to a general audience; to raise awareness on disruptive advantages that these technologies can bring and consequent impact, thus raising interest and technology acceptance from potential investors/funders and companies; to establish and/or consolidate the networking among researchers and non-experts worldwide with a common interest on microbial electrochemistry, electrochemical bioremediation, electrochemical biosensing, electrolysis and electrocatalysis; to inspire the young generation into STEM disciplines with a particular focus on sustainable and clean technologies that can make a difference.


  • To be eligible, entries must be submitted on Twitter on the 20th June within the time frame 00:00- 23:59 (we will take into account your specific time zone).
  • Each entry must mention the ISMET user (@ISMETSociety), your university/research centre account and the hashtag #ISMETPublicEngagementDay
  • The nature of the entry is completely open, but it must occur within the 24 hours of the day (of course considering the different time zones!). There will be prizes for the three best entries.
  • Participants can be researchers at any career stage (Master student, PhD, Post Doc, Associate Professor, Professor) with an affiliation to a research institute and/or university.
  • Entries from individuals that will not respect the eligibility criteria or for which the affiliated institution is not clear will not be considered.
  • The nature of the entry can be as diverse as possible: be creative and share your idea on how to effectively disseminate to the world your research in the field of microbial electrochemical systems. Examples of entries include (but are not limited to): a video, an image, a drawing, the recording of an activity performed, a song and so on.

Criteria to award the prize (in order of priority).

  • Effectiveness of dissemination and education for a broader audience (30%).
  • Science rigorousness (30%).
  • Creativity (25%).
  • Number of likes and retweets (by the end of the day after, so 21st June) (15%).


  • First: $ 300 + plaque
  • Second $ 200 + plaque
  • Third $ 100 + plaque