ISMET fellow

The title “ISMET Fellow” or “Fellow of the International Society of Microbial Electrochemistry and Technology” is the highest grade of membership of ISMET.

ISMET Fellows have made outstanding contributions to the research field and the ISMET Society. An ISMET Fellow is an honorary appointment that is certified by receiving a plaque. In return an ISMET Fellow continues in providing service to the ISMET Society. The title can be withdrawn for reasons of misconduct by a combined decision of the ISMET Fellows and the current Board of Directors of ISMET.

The first up to eight Fellows in 2022 are appointed by the ISMET board of Directors based on the nominations from the ISMET community. Thereby the ISMET board of Directors aims for gender equality as well as regional equality. Please submit your nominations by the end of February 2022.

Subsequently, a maximum of 4 new Fellows are elected and announced every two years in synchrony with the global meetings of ISMET. The exact procedure will be defined after appointment of the initial up to 8 Fellows. Candidates can be nominated by all ISMET members (excluding self-nomination).

Call for nominations

All ISMET members in good standing are called to nominate ISMET Fellows. Self-nomination is strictly excluded and each member can only support one nomination. For nomination, please send a signed letter with the nomination as well with at least another letter of support for the nomination from an ISMET member in good standing to:


As code of conduct for these first up to eight ISMET Fellows, the currently serving members of the ISMET board of Directors mutually agreed to not nominate or support nominations or be nominated as ISMET Fellows.