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General guidelines for Wikipedia entries

The main page titled “Microbial Electrochemical Technologies” provides the platform containing all sections covering the various aspects of the technology. This structure is meant to provide general guidelines for contributions. Titles indicated in bold may link to independent Wikipedia entries (pages). In this case, a brief summary and a link to the relevant page(s) should be included in the main page.
Please note that contributions are not restricted to individual sections as per the general structure outlined below, but could be split into multiple contributions. Submissions that directly contribute to the development of the main page are also encouraged.

Microbial Electrochemical Technologies

  • Introduction (this section should provide general information on the technology)
  • History (this section should provide a brief outline on the development of the field of Microbial electrochemistry)
  • Principles
    • Microbial extracellular electron transfer (mechanisms, microorganisms, etc.)
    • Bioelectrochemical systems (principles, components, configurations)
  • Applications
    • Energy recovery and generation
      • Wastewater treatment with MFC
      • Benthic MFC
    • Nutrients recovery
    • Microbial Electrochemical Remediation (this section should cover groundwater, soil, and sediment remediation)
    • Microbial electrochemical production of chemicals
      • Microbial electrolysis for production of H2
      • Microbial electrosynthesis of chemicals and biofuels
      • Microbial electrochemical biogas upgrading to CH4
    • Water desalination
    • Biosensors (only when using whole microbial cells)
  • See also (contains links to other relevant Wikipedia pages)
  • References (references to the scientific literature should favour open access journals)
  • External links (contains links to relevant pages external to Wikipedia)