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SENTRY Client Manager

The SENTRY Client Manager is tasked with interpreting and relaying the value (energy savings, increased performance, etc.) created by SENTRY sensors installed at treatment facilities to the operators of these facilities. SENTRY is a cutting-edge technology providing real time biological information to treatment plant operations for process improvement and increased consistency. We are looking for someone who is personable and client focused. The Client Manager at SENTRY Water Technologies provides technical support to clients associated with the deployment and usage of SENTRY equipment ( in the water and wastewater space. This role is critical for the deployment of SENTRY systems. Duties and Responsibilities The Client Manager will work closely with senior technical team members (engineers and scientists) in order to accomplish the following tasks:
  • Weekly interaction with water and wastewater operators. This consists of email communication with clients to collect and understand operations data to combine with SENTRY data. Periodic video conferences and phone calls with the client to explain the functionality and value of SENTRY data. The candidate may be responsible for as many as 50 separate clients.
  • Required to work with primarily wastewater treatment facilities (some water/environmental monitoring). A background or interest in environmental or civil engineering, wastewater treatment, ...
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Bioelectrochemical Engineer

Electro-Active is looking for a Bioelectrochemical Engineer to assist with the scale up of our microbial electrolysis system for sustaining high levels of hydrogen production from food waste. The position will lead and assist in the execution of experiments to optimize reactor operation and performance across different scales and reactor designs. The ideal candidate will have a highly successful academic record, experience in laboratory work related to microbiology/biochemical engineering, high attention to detail, and the capability to undertake independent research tasks. An interest in sustainability and next-generation renewable energy technology as well as desire to work in a dynamic, fast-pace startup environment is a plus. JOB OVERVIEW
  • Design new experiments to probe reactor systems and test a variety of conditions to optimize hydrogen production
  • Execute research experiments by performing various laboratory protocols and procedures
  • Prepare materials and reports on the results of experiments and progress on milestones
  • Guide and train interns in the maintenance and operation of bioelectrochemical systems
  • Ensure data quality and integrity of assigned experiments
  • Background in microbiology, molecular biology, biochemical engineering, with experience working with bioreactor systems preferred
  • Wet lab experience and knowledge of general laboratory and industrial safety and potential hazards including proper protective clothing, chemical containment and biosecurity
  • Previous ...
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PhD position on electron conduction in cable bacteria

Cable bacteria are filamentous bacteria that can conduct electrons across centimetre-scale distances and thereby metabolize distantly located electron donors and acceptors in aquatic sediment. The DNRF Center for Electromicrobiology at Aarhus University is looking for a motivated and talented PhD student to investigate how cable bacteria and their electron conductors work, based on the numerous options and challenges that this exceptional scale of biological electron transport poses for experimental studies. Institution contact information Department of Biology, Ny Munkegade 114-116, Aarhus C, Denmark. Contact email address External link ...
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