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PhD position “Design of a Bioelectrochemical Biogas Plant”

The Research Group Environmental Process Engineering at the University of Bremen (Germany) seeks candidates for a PhD position (36 months) in the field of designing a bioelectrochemical biogas plant. Candidates should hold a Master’s degree (or equivalent) in
Chemical & Environmental Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Biotechnology (or related fields) *Your tasks*
The underlying idea of this project is the integration of a microbial electrolysis cell into the biogas plant. At the MECs anode, organic acids are oxidized to carbon dioxide, releasing electrons. These electrons can in turn be used at the cathode to reduce protons to molecular hydrogen. By the electrochemical oxidation of organic acids at the anode, the acidification of the fermenter can be prevented while at the same time pure hydrogen is obtained, which can be further used e.g. to produce valuable chemicals. Your tasks include the characterization and development suitable electrode and membrane materials to construct the microbial electrolysis cell. Based on these materials, an MEC design suitable for integration into the biogas plant shall be developed, and implemented into a model biogas plant. Finally, the complete system will be extensively characterized and limited processes identified. Special regard shall be given to the prevention of hydrogenotrophic microbial growth at the ...
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PhD position on electron conduction in cable bacteria

Cable bacteria are filamentous bacteria that can conduct electrons across centimetre-scale distances and thereby metabolize distantly located electron donors and acceptors in aquatic sediment. The DNRF Center for Electromicrobiology at Aarhus University is looking for a motivated and talented PhD student to investigate how cable bacteria and their electron conductors work, based on the numerous options and challenges that this exceptional scale of biological electron transport poses for experimental studies. Institution contact information Department of Biology, Ny Munkegade 114-116, Aarhus C, Denmark. Contact email address External link ...
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