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Electrified CO2 capture and conversion

The Jack Lab (U-M faculty profile) in the Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering Department (CEE) at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (UM-CEE, program ranked #2 U.S. News and World Reports) invites applications for funded post-doctoral research fellow positions to study fundamental kinetic and thermodynamic processes at the electrochemical-biological interface towards the development of scalable CO2 capture and conversion technologies. This interdisciplinary work will span topics such as electrochemical water and CO2 electrolysis as well as several emerging microbial electrochemical technologies (e.g. microbial electrosynthesis, electro-enzymatic synthesis, electro-fermentation, microbial electrolytic carbon capture). Overall, this work will focus on tailoring CO2 conversion processes towards high reaction rates, selectivity, yields, and energy efficiencies. In addition to pursuing independent research projects, researchers will also obtain valuable grant writing experience, exposure to professional networking events with national labs and private companies, and opportunities to communicate research findings via peer-reviewed journal publications, podcasts, and presentations at national and international conferences.
This position is currently open with an anticipated start date dependent on the applicant’s availability. Appointments are anticipated for two years, with renewal after the first year, contingent on satisfactory performance and availability of funds. Successful candidates will hold the rank of postdoctoral research fellow and ...
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4 Postdocs and 4 PhD students on cable bacteria

For the extension of Center for Electromicrobiology until 2027 we seek a total of 8 enthusiastic, young researchers with a keen interest in cable bacteria and a relevant background for research in one of the following areas:
- Molecular structure, mechanism, or catalytic properties of conductive biopolymers
- Functional genomics, physiology, or structural biology of electron-conducting microbes
- Interactions and population controls in (electric) aquatic microbial communities Institution contact information Head of Center Lars Peter Nielsen or Vice Head Andreas Schramm, Center for Electromicrobiology, Aarhus University, Denmark. Contact email address Deadline 01-06-2023 External link ...
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