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PhD or PostDoc position in the field of Microbial Fuel Cells for Wastewater Treatment aboard Ships

Description The Research Group Environmental Process Engineering at the University of Bremen (Germany) seeks candidates for a PhD or PostDoc position (36 months) in the above field. Candidates should hold a PhD/Master’s degree (or equivalent) in Chemical & Environmental Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Biotechnology (or related fields) Aim of the project We want to explore the suitability of microbial fuel cells for the sustainable and reliable treatment of wastewaters aboard pleasure crafts and seagoing vessels. Potential advantages over conventional approaches include reduced energy demand and sludge accumulation as well as improved elimination of nitrogen compounds that contribute to water eutrophication. Your tasks In close collaboration with project partners from industry you will be responsible for the design, construction, and characterization of a microbial fuel cell system for wastewater treatment aboard the historic sailing vessel “Grönland”. As the oldest seagoing ship in Germany still sailing today, the “Grönland” was the ship of the first German Polar Expedition in 1868. Initially, the project tasks include the development of electrode materials, the construction of up-scaled test cells, and the evaluation of operating strategies. Later on, a 1 m³ microbial fuel cell prototype will be constructed and extensively characterized, also onboard the historic sailing vessel ...
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