Postdoc position (m/f/x) on engineering the membrane electron transport pathway in Synechocystis


The new BMBF-funded Nachwuchsgruppe at UFZ is looking for an experienced synthetic biologist for a 4-year (1+3) full time postdoc position. The main task of this position is to engineer the membrane electron transfer pathways of cyanobacteria in a biophotovoltaics system using synthetic biology tools, in order to facilitate the electron transfer rate from the oxygenic photosystem to the external electron sink. The successfully candidate will have the support to establish and lead the synthetic biology platform in the group, and will be strongly supported to develop his/her research profile for the next scientific career move, including but not limited to further training, international conference and networking. This project has an international mentor team including Prof. Victor de Lorenzo, Prof. Peter Lindblad and Prof. Falk Harnisch, and the successful candidate will work closely with the team to drive the project progress.
The position is expected to start from January, 2023, but can be negotiated upon individual cases.

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Helmholtz Center for Environmental Research – UFZ, Leipzig, Germany

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