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The goal of ISMET is to link researchers from various areas of science and engineering towards studying the complex interactions of microorganisms and electrodes, while finding novel ways to use them for sustainability applications. 

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Need of amendment of our (legal) foundation to let ISMET going global!

Dear ISMET members,I am writing to you in troubled times, but spring is coming. I hope that you and your ...
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Public Engagement Day

Join the 1st International ISMET Public Engagement Day. How? Submit your entry on the 20th June 2022 to participate to the ...
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WISMET seminar 10/12

Day: 10th December (8 am Pacific Standard Time, 5 pm Central Europe Time) Speaker: Sara Tejedor Sanz Affiliation: Senior Scientific Engineer Associate ...
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Next international meeting

After delayed, yet inspiring and very well received online/in person regional conferences in 2021, the ISMET community is looking forward ...
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Open Jobs

The Jack Lab (U-M faculty profile) in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department (CEE) at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (UM-CEE, graduate program ranked #3 U.S. News and World Reports) invites applications for multiple funded Ph.D. student and post-doctoral research fellow positions to study fundamental kinetic and thermodynamic processes at the electrochemical-biological interface towards the development of scalable CO2 capture and conversion technologies. This interdisciplinary work will span topics such as electrochemical water and CO2 electrolysis as well as several emerging microbial electrochemical technologies (e.g. microbial electrosynthesis, electro-enzymatic synthesis, electro-fermentation, microbial electrolytic carbon capture). Overall, this work will focus ...
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The junior research group at UFZ funded by the BMBF, Germany is looking for a fully-funded 4-year PhD student working on the project of cross-membrane transportation of redox chemicals. The main task of this position is to use synthetic biology tools to identify and engineer the membrane transporter for redox chemical, in order to facilitate the electron flux from the cells to the external electron sink. The application deadline is Nov. 1st, and the starting date is 02.2023 (can be discussed on the individual case). Please contact me with your CV and motivation letter, if you are interested. Contact information ...
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Description The Resource Recovery Research Group at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU) seeks candidates for a PhD in the field of Microbial Fuel Cells/Microbial Electrolysis Cells for wastewater treatment and resource recovery.
The PhD project will focus on the design of a concept that will allow for a combined biogas upgrading and nutrient recovery using sustainable and low-cost electrode materials such as biochar in bioelectrochemical systems. The project will investigate bioelectrochemical approaches aiming at 1) carbon dioxide utilization for biogas upgrading 2) nitrogen and phoshorus recovery in the form of a biobased fertilizer. The university (NMBU) fully funds the ...
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Looking forward to seeing you in upcoming meetings @ISMETsociety

Upcoming #ISMETSociety meetings.

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✔️AP-ISMET 2023: July 26 - 28, organized by Hyung-Sool Lee in Gwangju, South Korea

✔️ EU-ISMET 2023: September 6 - 8, organized by Annemiek terHeijne in Wageningen, NL @euismet2023


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