2-years Post-doc position in industry

We are offering a 2-years Post-doc position in industry. The project is funded by our start-up company Algaria through research grants. It is in collaboration with the University of Milan (Italy) and other research institutions. The project focuses on electroactive biochar (material developed by us) and on some applications in the field of microbial electrochemical technologies applied to the recycling of nutrients from agri-food chains. In particular, we have a patent for an ‘electroactive artificial soil’, combined with the cultivation of Spirulina, to recover nutrients from agri-food waste. Another application is in hydroponic agriculture (with a partner company). In Algaria, we are developing the application to TRL7 of this patent for the cultivation of spirulina. The project deals also with a TRL8-pilot for the extraction of phycocyanin (food coloring) from Spirulina, at our production plant near Cremona (Italy). We are looking for a highly-skilled research profile, to be responsible for the research project with the University of Milan and at the same time become responsible for the production and R&D of Algaria. A brief overview of the projects and some publications can be found below.

Contact information

Andrea Schievano: schievanoa@gmail.com