Postdoc in sediment biogeochemistry and electrochemistry

Are you interested in sediment geochemical processes and would you like to work at the interface between biology, electrochemistry, and physics? At the Department of Biology at Aarhus University (Denmark), we seek for a postdoc to investigate the influence of electric fields on the mass transport of nutrients in sediments.

The availability of nutrients in aquatic systems controls biological processes that in turn regulate climate and environmental quality. Electric fields naturally develop in soils and sediments, however to date their influence on the transport of dissolved ions has been neglected. In the project e-Move (funded by the Velux Foundation), we aim to quantify the contribution of such electric forces to the movement of nutrients in freshwater environments, and to expand our knowledge on the main factors that control their establishment in nature.

Expected start date and duration of employment
The position is for 2 years and is available from 1.2.2023 or as soon as possible hereafter.

Institution contact information

Aarhus University

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