PhD position for Microbial Electrosynthesis

The Cluster of Excellence SE²A ‐ Sustainable and Energy Efficient Aviation is a DFG‐funded interdisciplinary research center investigating technologies for a sustainable and eco‐friendly air transport system. Scientists from engineering, economics, chemistry and biology are working on the reduction of drag, emissions and noise, life‐cycle concepts for airframes, improvements in air traffic management and new technologies for energy storage and conversion.

The objective of the project “Fundamentals of ElectroFuel Synthesis for Aviation” is to lay the scientific foundation for the production of liquid aviation fuels via electrosynthesis and bioelectrosynthesis. It is an interdisciplinary project carried out at the TU Braunschweig in close collaboration between the Institute of Environmental and Sustainable Chemistry (Electrosynthesis & microbial electrosynthesis ‐ Prof. Uwe Schröder), the Institute of Biochemical Engineering (Bioelectrosynthesis ‐ Prof. Antje Spiess) and the Institute of Thermodynamics (Molecular Dynamics Simulation ‐ PD Dr. Raabe).
The offered position will be dedicated to the investigation and development of microbial electrosynthesis routes for a selective and efficient aviation fuel synthesis.

This 3-years PhD researcher position will be dedicated to the fundamental investigation and development of microbial electrosynthesis routes for tailored aviation fuels (e.g., hydrocarbons and alcohols) based on biogenic compounds and on CO2. Emphasis will be put on understanding and tailoring microbial electrosynthesis for high reaction rate, selectivity, yield and energy efficiency. Thereby, an in‐depth investigation of bioelectrochemical hydrogenation and hydrodeoxygenation reactions and CO2 reduction processes will be performed. State‐of‐the art analytical and bioanalytical techniques, including Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy, Differential electrochemical mass spectrometry and HPLC‐MS will be used for the study of reaction mechanisms.

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Prof. Uwe Schröder, Institute of Environmental and Sustainable Chemistry, TU Braunschweig, Germany

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