PhD position in microbial electrochemistry @ Greifswald University

Electrochemically active biofilms form the heart of bioelectrochemical systems such as microbial fuel cells and determine their performance significantly. A deeper understanding of the function and limitations of these biofilms and the development of high-performance biofilm electrodes based on this understanding are core aspects of the research of our group. The aim of the PhD project “Biofilm Monitoring” is to gain a deeper insight into the growth and properties of electrochemically active biofilms. The focus is on biofilm investigation and characterization using electrochemical quartz crystal microbalances in combination with electrochemical methods such as impedance spectroscopy.

What are your tasks?
The advertised position will be dedicated to a systematic experimental elucidation of the growth and properties of electrochemically active biofilms. In particular, oscillating quartz methods such as the electrochemical quartz microbalance will be used to investigate biofilm growth (mass) and biofilm properties (visco-elastic properties) and correlate them with electrochemical measurements.

The position offered is intended for academics who are pursuing a doctorate. Tasks will therefore be transferred that are conducive to the preparation of a doctorate.

Institution contact information

Prof. Uwe Schröder, Greifswald, University, Institute of Biochemistry

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