Need of amendment of our (legal) foundation to let ISMET going global!

Dear ISMET members,

I am writing to you in troubled times, but spring is coming. I hope that you and your families and loved ones as well as scientific families and partners are safe and healthy.
Although the last years and months may have brought us physically more apart, I am more confident than ever that the pursuit to happiness can only be based on global understanding and cooperation based on equality. Therefore, also ISMET has to become a true global society.

Here the both Ambassadors of ISMET communicated very clearly the priority of their communities that new Chapters are needed. Establishing these required changing the bylaws that are the legally binding document setting the foundation of ISMET.

On this pathway, the Board of Directors revised and updated our bylaws that you can see also here.

With accepting the bylaws the most important changes being:

  • ISMET will have five Chapters (A-Africa, AP-Asia Pacific, EU-Europe, LA-Latin America, NA-Northern America) instead of three Chapters that will send equal representatives to the Board of Directors
  • Two representatives per Chapter will be sent as the members to the Board of Directors that each serves for 4 years.
  • Elections will take place for all Chapters (at the same time) every 2 years, all members of ISMET will vote for one Chapter, only. Here a transition period will be in place, for which in 2022 no elections would take place.
  • The President stays outside of the regional representation and will be elected from the members of the Board of Directors, to serve 2 years as a President (meaning a maximum of 6 years in the Board) meaning the Board will have 10 members + 1 President
  • The ISMET committees will be re-structured, the website and newsletter committee will be merged into Public engagement and outreach Committee.
  • A code of conduct is introduced.
  • ISMET Fellows are introduced.

Further, the Board of Directors has decided, given that the new bylaws are approved, that until 2028 the global ISMET meeting would be every three years from now on to allow sufficient time for the meetings of the regional chapters to take place.

This is why we need you taking action now! Approve the new bylaws here (logged-in, paying subscribers only).

In case of questions or doubts, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me or any other member of the ISMET Board of Directors.

Falk (Harnisch)
 – President of ISMET –